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Should I have transferred my pension?

Final Salary

If you were advised to move your Final Salary Pension by a regulated Financial Adviser, you will have lost out on substantial benefits such as:

Practically guaranteed income in retirement

Index-linked, which often helps keep pace with inflation

Death Benefits that allow your spouse a large portion of your pension if you pass away

No fees or charges to operate

Final Salary pensions are often referred to as GOLD PLATED PENSIONS due to these benefits.


A SIPP (A Self-Invested Personal Pension) is a type of pension that gives you more control and choice of where to invest your retirement fund and lets you manage your own investments.

SIPPs were designed for experienced investors, but they come with risks. In most cases the risks were not made clear to you.

Your Financial Adviser may have suggested an inappropriate fund, exposed you to unjustified risks or received undue commission. Victims of scams can claim a maximum of £350,000 compensation, currently available from The Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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Believe you were mis-sold a pension?

One of the biggest problems with pension transfer mis-selling is that many people who have been mis-sold will not realise it. If you agree with even one of the statements below, you may have received poor advice and could have the basis for a claim.

Your financial adviser did not ask for the below:

  • Information about you, your family, and how much income you’d need to support your family in retirement
  • Information about your income, employment, current total incomings and outgoings, your tax position, and entitlement to the state pension and other benefits
  • Information about your health
  • Information about debts, investments, and other pensions
  • Your retirement plans, particularly around retiring
  • Your appetite for risk, and the extent to which you’d accept a reduced lifestyle in retirement if pensions and investments performed poorly.
  • If relevant, your adviser should also have asked you for the same information for your partner or spouse.

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    My claim was against Berkeley Burke, I knew I could have done it myself but I’m self-employed and don’t have the time to be chasing it. I’m very happy with the service and the outcome- £36,800!

    Many thanks for everyone at Return My Money for obtaining me the additional £20,152.53 compensation for my Eco Fuel Tech Limited investment within Sovereign Pension (Uk) in only a few weeks.

    Fantastic service, they kept me up to date with proceedings and things happened much quicker than expected. I’d definitely recommend Return My Money.